Monday, July 29, 2013


The baby is crying.

It is still dark.

I pick him up from his cot and bring him to my bed. We snuggle in close together so he can feed as I go back to sleep. I doze off to the sound of Hubby breathing beside me.

The toilet is flushing.

It is still dark.

I hear MasterL moving quietly around the house beginning his morning routine. He is always first to be up. I think he likes to start his morning routine in the dim light and silence of the sleeping house and just stirring neighbourhood. He follows the same routine every morning. I doze off to the sound of the garbage truck in the next street.

The shower is running.

It is still dark.

I remember that Hubby is working a morning shift today. I will be getting the 3 little kids ready on my own today. I hope MissG slept well and is not starting the day in sensory overload. I really should wake up and start organising my thoughts, but it is so warm in here and the baby is sleeping on my arm. I shouldn't disturb him yet. Just a few more minutes. I doze off as Hubby turns off the shower.

The blender is whirring.

It is still dark. Except for the stream of light coming through the bedroom door from the living room.

E is making her breakfast smoothie. What time is it? I can hear Hubby's voice, so it must be earlier than 6.45. I reach for my phone and check my calendar. Only one appointment to keep, and its the Psychologist, so I have an easy day today. I might even have time to do some reading for Uni while the baby naps around lunch time. Hubby comes in and kisses me goodbye. Baby stirs. I hug him close and drift off again as I hear Hubby drive out of the garage.

The girls are giggling.

Light is filtering through the curtains.

The baby coos at me as I meet his gaze.

Spoons are clinking in breakfast bowls.

MasterI is making his lunch.

MissG raises her voice..... something about the cereal box being in the wrong spot.

I sit up and reach for my robe.

I sigh a little.

It is morning.

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  1. Ahhhh those early morning feeds. Many a morning I wished they could go longer than time permits. Beautiful piece.

    1. Nothing quite like the feeling of the warm baby snuggle in the wee hours. :-)
      Thanks for stopping by Rhianna.

  2. A true Mumma morning :)stopping by as part of the BlogFast Club, I may just have a peek around while I'm here ;)

  3. Ahh, Children organising themselves, something I have to look forward too!

  4. It truly is lovely when you don't have to make breakfast for everyone anymore (says the woman who just had another baby once all her kids had achieved breakfast autonomy!)

  5. such a cruisey start to the morning, just being able to snuggle with your littlie while everyone does there own thing, sounds so wonderful

    1. Yeah- one of the advantages of the baby being 5 1/2 years younger than the others