Saturday, February 1, 2014

January photo challenge complete!

Well, there goes January! 

The kids were on their summer school holidays, so it was a lovely relaxing month.  Sleeping in. Playing. Bush walks. New chicks to look after. Interesting outings. Time for organising. 

Do you remember that I was planning to live more intentionally this year? 
This month I nailed wearing flowers in my hair!!   
I made a start on walking more. 
I  tried to remember to challenge negative thoughts and not get stuck thinking on things that were troubling me if there was nothing I could do about it then and there. Not that I was ignoring things that needed my attention, just not playing them over and over in my mind when there was no point. 
I also made an effort to rest when I could, which was not too hard as we weren't keeping to our school term routine. 

As I have been reflecting on how I feel about this new photo challenge, I realise that last year as I did one set by someone else I found it more fun than anything. Doing my own challenge is ...... well, ....... challenging. I find the "I'm proud of" prompt the hardest every week. I hope over the course of the year it will become easier to say what I am proud of, as I feel it is part of becoming more confident to be myself. 

So, on to February. Will you join me? All the details are on the Facebook page, and in the January 2014 archive section of this blog. 

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